Heather Hirmer (Janousek) Fitness Model & Bikini Competitor

Heather Hirmer (Janousek)

Fitness Model & Bikini Competitor

My name is Heather Hirmer (Janousek ). I began my training as a way to challenge myself to take my mind and body to the next level. My desire to succeed, coupled with my passion for living a healthy lifestyle has helped me believe you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. I understand that by helping others do the same, things will come back to you in return. That's why I began image consulting and training to help others find the confidence they need to get ahead. What goes around comes back around.

My true passion in life is to achieve all the things people said I could never do. I understand that life is way to short not to ever give your dreams a chance! I enjoy hunting, fishing and working out. I understand the value of nutrition and working hard and I believe in what doesn't hurt you makes you stronger! Never giving up.

Additionally, I recently won overall NPC North Star Miss Bikini Minnesota 2010, also competed in Muscle Mania Bikini America and won overall this year in Bikini. Training and competing in the fitness world has given me a way to express my true strength and confidence to the fullest! My goal is to make a impact on the fitness industry.
I am very open minded I will not judge you I will find every good quality in you! I am very optimistic and love looking for the good and everything! I am also very determined to achieve all my goals in life! I love to travel and exercise and stay healthy I also love helping other people do the same.


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