ProSport Nutrition Company Ethics

Our Ethics and Values

We believe to make a quality product it has to be done based on family values.  Our focus is to develop innovative and clean nutritional products for us, our families and our customers to maximize health and fitness goals and assist in helping people live a more active lifestyle.

Propaganda vs Quality

Most consumers are buying products based on advertising, packaging, and paid endorsements.  Supplement companies know this and that's why they invest a great deal of their resources on product image, advertising, and paid endorsements rather than product quality.  At ProSport Nutrition 100% of our resources are dedicated to research and development to build quality.  A great product doesn't need fancy packaging, or a million dollar propaganda campaign, a great product needs to work, and the success or failure should be based on customer satisfaction.  We will never spend millions of dollars paying some celebrity or pro athlete to say they use our products to get you to buy them. 

Non Paid Endorsements

Every person who is involved with us is doing it because they believe in ProSport Nutrition and its products, and has received no compensation to voice their support of our products and company.


Many supplement companies and manufacturers, in an effort to keep costs down and to expand their powder base will dilute their products with cheap fillers like Maltodextrin (also know as Glucose Polymers) and Dextrose. Many popular body building sports powder products on the market can contain over 50% maltodextrin to expand their powder base. ProSport Nutrition cares about what goes into ours and our customers bodies, so we will never add fillers to our products. We will never use fillers to expand our powder base because we want the a clean product for us and you!

Artificial flavoring and Coloring (Color Dyes)

To save money, alot of companies use Color Dyes to color their product and use color capsules which color dyes are poison to the body. They also use Artificial Flavoring and some say, they use both Natural and Artificial just to list they have Natural in their when mainly its majority all Artificial.  ProSport Nutrition will never use color dyes for coloring or artificial flavoring. We spend the extra money to build a quality product for you and us.   

Label / Supplement Facts Panel Integrity

ProSport Nutrition ensures you that the ingredients that are listed on the label are actually in the product and in the amounts and concentrations listed.

When you purchase a ProSport Nutrition product, you can rest assure you're getting a clean and quality built product  for your health and fitness goals.

To Optimal Health and Performance,
ProSport Nutrition 
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