Moomiyo by ProSport Nutrition
Tim Crawford  of Houston TX

Moomiyo Testimonial

"Diabetic Management"

I have been a diabetic for about 7 years now. I'm not overweight, I workout 6 days a week and have always eaten right. I was raised to always eat right due to my mom & dad owning a Nutrition business. So diabetes was the last thing I ever thought I would be diagnosed with. I have my labs taken every 3 months for my Dr's review and I am constantly monitored. I inherited this disease from my dad (the reason he started the Nutrition business) and it was a complete shock to everyone, including myself, that I had gotten it. I'm 53 years old and in relatively good shape. Being a former college athlete, I've always kept a workout regimen as part of my daily life. I was on the flex pen for insulin for the first 6 1/2 years and then went on the insulin pump. This was a total hit and miss concept, my blood sugar was always all over the place all day. My Ac1 levels were always way out of whack. The pump has helped me maintain a more constant control of the blood sugar. However, the Ac1 levels remained relatively high and my blood sugar was still moving all over the place. I recently was turned on to Moomiyo by ProSport Nutrition and immediately started taking it. I just had my latest labs taken and my Dr. and I was jumping for joy because my testosterone levels have gone to a 30 year old levels and more importantly, my Ac1 levels have dropped to an undiabetic level of 6.3! Since being diagnosed, I've always had trouble getting my Ac1 levels below 8 to 8.3, which is alarmingly high if it remains at those levels for any amount of time. I have experienced more strength in my workouts, more energy and the sex life is going through the roof since taking the ProSport Nutrition Moomiyo!! So for any of you medical industry "experts" who always think that only pharmaceuticals can do positive things for diseases, take note, I have just proven, at least to myself, that a natural substance can make a difference!! I recommend the ProSport Nutrition Moomiyo to anyone who wants to feel more energy and see some gains in the weight room and get some general overall positive health results!!! --

Tim Crawford

Houston, TX

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