Moomiyo Facts and Questions

Does Moomiyo have any known side effects?

No.  Moomiyo is a safe product, and there are no known side effects.



Is Moomiyo an Anabolic Steroid?

No. Even though it does have anabolic qualities and it helps to rebuild muscle and tissue, it is not an anabolic steroid and its 100% legal.



Is Moomiyo legal to take for NCAA  and Professional Athletes?

Yes, Moomiyo is not on any ban lists by the NCAA or the World Doping Agency.  Nor is it on any other ban lists world wide.



Why is Moomiyo so rare?

Moomiyo only grows in the Himalayan Mountains.  It is the digest of many floras in very specific conditions that produces the Moomiyo at the crest of the mountains.  It is very rare and can only be collected twice a year.  Plus extracting the pure Moomiyo is very labor intensive.



Why don't more companies sell Moomiyo?

Moomiyo was introduced to the western world in the early 90s by Russian scientists. Unlike other ingredients used in supplements there are very few sources to aquire Moomiyo.  Only a few companies had these connections, and they have guarded their sources to prevent other companies from supplying the market.  However Prosport Nutrition was able to connect with a source for Moomiyo in its purest form, and we are proud to sell this product direct to our customers.



How does your Moomiyo differ from other Moomiyos on the market?

We have the purest form of Moomiyo available which is standarized to a minimum 20% Fulvic Acid, and 12% Humic Acid.  We sell the purest form for less than any other company.  You may find other companies selling Shilajit Capsules for cheap, but understand this is not the same thing.  Read the labels, and compare our Supplement facts to theirs.  Many companies are cutting moomiyo with other ingredients.  Our Moomiyo Capsules are pure Moomiyo



Why do you add Black Pepper Extract to your Moomiyo?

Black Pepper Extract improves absorption, and has been used by supplement companies for over a decade. Its very popular in Popular Fat Burners ( To help speed up absorption of stimulants), and that is part of the reason they always had a Pepper like smell and taste.



I read that Capsulized Moomiyo is degraded. Is this true?

This depends on the process used to Capsulize the raw material.  Some processes will expose the raw material to unwanted heat and this could degrade it.  However our Moomiyo is processed in a temperature controlled GMP certified lab where great care is taken to ensure quality.  We unfortunately can't vouch for the labs that other companies use to process and capsulize their raw materials.



Is Moomiyo safe for women?

Yes.  However if you are pregnant or nursing you should consult a healthcare professional before taking this product.



Where does Moomiyo come from?

Moomiyo comes from the Himalayan Mountains.



What is Fulvic acid and Humic acid?

Brief description of what Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid are:
  • Fulvic Acid is a naturally occurring, biologically available mineral. It has the ability to transport nutrients and minerals to cells and to help cells digest minerals.


  • Humic Acid is an anitoxidant and detoxifier.  Humic acid has the unique ability to bind to positively and negatively charged ions in our bodies, as a result of which our systems get purified and natural balance is restored.  When this organic material binds with the positive ions, it doubles as a destroyer of free radicals and a potent antioxidant. Scientists are also looking at the potential of humic acid to both eliminate and prevent excess/heavy metal deposits in the body.

Note: both Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid are key nutrients found with in MOOMIYO.


What is Black Pepper Extract?

Black Pepper Extract  other wise known as Bioperine is for enhanced absorption of nutrients.



Can pregnant or nursing woman take Moomiyo?

Even though Moomiyo is natural  herb / mineral supplement, it states on our product label that pregnant or nursing woman should be consult their Health Care Physician before use of this product. 



What is the Expiration Date of the Moomiyo Bottle?

We use a Manufactuing date to let our cusotmers know,  the actual date it was made. The BEST USE BY DATE, is two years from the MFG Date as long as its unsealed and kept in a humidity free air conditioned climate control atmosphere and out of sun light. 

Is Moomiyo a Banned Substance by any Governing Body?

No. Moomiyo to our knowledge is not banned by any Sports Governing Body, or any Federal Regulartory Bodies.

Moomiyo Anabolic
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