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Leslie Kuhn NASM CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor of Austin TX

Octane Energy Drink Testimonial

"Octane Energy Drink is my daily staple to start my day and pick me up in the afternoon!"

Being a very active individual and having tried various supplement drinks, I had not found one that offered the comprehensive blend of vitamins and ingredients that I had been looking for. I had tried various brands and ended up with the shakes, racing heart rate, sick to my stomach running to the bathroom in the middle of a work out or crashing in exhaustion hours later. 
Finally, one day a close friend and colleague of mine, who was a active fitness instructor and did a great deal of weight training for body building competitions, mentioned OCTANE Energy Drink to me. She shared a couple samples with me and I did some research on the ingredients.  I was immediately hooked and knew I had found the energy drink I had been looking for to not only fuel my morning workouts, but to also offer me the nutrients that would promote focus and recovery. It allowed me to remove coffee from my diet and became my "Morning OJ"as I call it. I look forward to starting my day with it every morning. My boyfriend has even replaced his morning energy drink with OCTANE and has incorporated it into his daily routine.

 I am NASM certified Personal Trainer and Health Fitness Nutrition Specialist, as well as a certified PEAK Pilates Instructor. I teach group fitness classes (Pump, Strength Training, INSANITY, Core, Mobility, Boot Camp and Body Shred) and hold down a full time job in Mortgage Lending. Keeping my health, energy, focus and nutrition in check is key for me each and everyday. OCTANE plays an important role in allowing me to perform and work hard each day, while also contributing my nutrition. Thank goodness for OCTANE Energy Drink!

Leslie Kuhn

NASM CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor,

Austin, TX

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