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Thomas Wurst  of San Diego CA

Octane Energy Drink Testimonial

"Read my testimony BEST product hands down!!!!"

I learned of Octane Energy Drink when I started working out with Nez who was my personal trainer at Art of 8 and as I learned later she is a local regional retailer for the product.  When I began in about May of  2013 I was 6'3" and weighted 268 pounds.  Nez incorporated a fitness plan, a meal plan, and introduced Octane Energy Drink as part of my overall fitness diet and regiment.  I've tried a lot of products from GNC and others and all pretty much give you a quick dose of energy followed by a crash effect and left me feeling tired and exhausted.  Octane Energy Drink was completely different. First, the ingredients were pure and when compared to the "other guys products" Octane Energy Drink did not have artificial flavors, fillers, artificial colors and other chemicals you need a degree from MIT to understand.  Here's the big difference with Octane Energy Drink: sustained energy and focus, no jitters, no crashing,  and level energy thought the day.  The product simply Works.  I use the Octane Energy Drink in the morning and afternoon before my workouts and after about 9 months my current weight is 189 pounds and I'm back to playing baseball, boxing, running, and I feel incredible.  I have Never done a testimony for any supplement product in my life but I have personally spoken to the owner of the company to share my success and thank him for all the time and research that he put into making an incredible product.  I have shared this product with friends, co workers, and teammates, and even my father because I trust the product and people have seen the results! If you live in the San Diego area and are fed up with fads and pills and are SERIOUS about getting into shape, contact Nez and have a consultation with her and learn more, she will change your life.  Thank you Octane Energy Drink for helping me reach and maintain my weight and health goals. Thomas Wurst San Diego CA.

Thomas Wurst

San Diego, CA

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