Science and Quality Control

Purity and Quality is our #1 Goal when developing and manufacturing a ProSport Nutrition product. To ensure quality and purity we don't believe in adding color dyes or fillers to expand our powder base. The ProSport Nutrition products are manufactured under a FDA Registered and Inspected Facility with strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards using the highest quality/grade of ingredients. 


ProSport Nutrition products are Developed By and Manufactured Exclusively for ProSport Nutrition. Our products are manufactured in a state of the art NSF Certified cGM and FDA Registered Inspected facility in the United States that follow current and strict GMP guidelines and regulations. cGMP stands for " current Good Manufacturing Practices". This ensures that our products are manufactured using the purest and freshest ingredients and under proper manufacturing regulations.

Ingredients & Testing

Quality supplements begin with high quality and tested raw ingredients. All the raw ingredients in the ProSport Nutrition products underdo state of the art analysis testing for contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides to ensure zero tolerence for impurities. All incoming active and inactive ingredients are identified and recorded by our FDA inspected facility. ProSport Nutriton only uses the purest, and highest quality raw ingredients to ensure us our customers are getting a clean and quality finished product. 

Supplement / Nutritional Facts Panel On Our Labels

We ensure you that the ingredients that are listed on the label are actually in the product and in the required amounts and concentrations listed on the label.


Packaging Importance

How supplements are packaged is important to keep ingredients fresh.  ProSport Nutrition products are packaged in HDPE (high density polyethylene) or PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic containers. These bottles keep moisture vapor and harmful UV rays out, protecting the freshness and integrity of their contents. These containers are also recyclable so we urge you to please recycle them.


Our dedication to formulate the most delicious natural and refreshing taste for our OCTANE Energy Drink® comes from our strong desire and passion to go beyond for us and our customers. When you drink OCTANE Energy Drink®, you will enjoy it and look forward to drinking it everyday. To make it even better, we use a cleaner and higher grade of a Natural non-GMO Flavor vs Artificial or Natural/Artificial Flavoring! 

To Optimal Health and Performance,
ProSport Nutrition 


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