• 1. Is FIT SALT GMO and MSG Free? Yes 

  • 2. How much sodium does FIT SALT contain?
    FIT SALT contains ZERO sodium per serving. An equivalent serving of regular table salt contains 393 milligrams of sodium. 

  • 3. Are there any artificial ingredients, harmful chemicals or preservatives in FIT SALT?
    NO, The ingredients are all food grade ingredients. 

  • 4. What are the ingredients and function of each ingredient in FIT SALT?
    Potassium chloride = is the salt substitute component of the blend.
    Potassium bitartrate = flavor modifier.
    Silicon dioxide = anti-caking agent.
    Natural flavor = taste modifier. 

  • 5. How much potassium does FIT SALT contain?
    FIT SALT contains 500 milligrams of potassium per 1/5 tsp. (1g) serving. 

  • 6. Why does FIT SALT have such a high potassium content?
    The minimum potassium requirement for adults is approximately 1600 to 2000 milligrams per day. The potassium content of FIT SALT is 500 milligrams per 1/5 tsp. (1g) serving which is approximately the same as the amount of potassium in one medium banana. Potassium chloride is used as a substitute for the common salt, sodium chloride. 

  • 7. Is FIT SALT still good after the Best Used By Date?
    Yes, FIT SALT neither loses its saltiness nor decomposes during storage which makes it safe to consume several years after the Best Used By Date. It is recommended to store FIT SALT in cool and dry conditions. Storing the product in a hot and humid environment may result in caked and discolored product. However, the product will still maintain its saltiness and will be safe to consume. 

  • 8. Can FIT SALT be used to replace regular salt in cooking and baking?
    To help reduce your sodium intake, FIT SALT may be used in place of regular salt in preparing your favorite recipes. However, the same amount is not always needed so start out with small amounts of FIT SALT and add more if you choose too.


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  • NOTE: Before using any alternative salt product, consult your health care physician.

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