Moomiyo by ProSport Nutrition
Kevin Wood Project Engineer (Mechanical) of Houston TX

Moomiyo Testimonial

"Amazing what Moomiyo can do!"

I have been working out for football since the 7th grade and all the way through playing in college. I have continued weight lifting after finishing my college career because it is now a way of life for me and it seems I to have to endure all the little ailments that go with it. A few years after college ball, I developed tendinitis in my knees and just pushed through it trying different compressions sleeve and small amount of therapy. While the sleeves helped, it did not make it better. Last year I had developed tendinitis in both biceps and again I began to use compression sleeves and reduced the weight I was using. After taking the ProSport Nutrition Moomiyo for only a few weeks, there is no inclination of the bicep tendinitis and only a slight ping in my left knee is all that remains. I have also notice my overall strength increased every week for 3-4 week period as well as my appetite. My recovery time after workouts has decrease dramatically which allows me to train the next muscle group with confidence I do not need to pace myself because of fatigue from a prior workout. I recommend the ProSport Nutrition Moomiyo to anyone willing to listen to me because of what it has done for me.

Kevin Wood

Project Engineer (Mechanical),

Houston, TX

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