Moomiyo by ProSport Nutrition
Maria Davenport Personal Trainer/National Level Bikini Competitor of Allen Texas

Moomiyo Testimonial

"Life changing product!"

I am 39 years old. I am a wife, a mom, a personal trainer, an insurance professional, and a NPC National Level Bikini competitor. I am busy M-F from sun up to sun down.

 I was one month out from The Ronnie Coleman Classic this March of 2012. I went to the home of my friend Rocky Moss (formerly Moorehead) for my weekly progress check. I was feeling very discouraged. I was stressed out and felt like I was not getting the results that I needed to get that close to the contest.


Rocky told me about Moomyio and how it really helped both herself and a young figure competitor named Evelia Salazar get through contest prep. I asked Rocky where I could get this Moomyio from. She told me that she was a distributor and that she could give me a few pills to try out. 

Contest prep is a very grueling process but I love it! There is intense physical training 6-7 days a week. It seems like your running from work to the gym to posing class to the grocery store, to bed. During my other two contests that I participated in, The Lone Star Classic, June 2011 and The Europa Supershow Dallas, August 2011, I was a physical and  emotional wreck.


  Moomyio made my prep for the Ronnie Coleman Classic a breeze! I highly recommend Moomyio to anyone at any fitness level. It really helped me and I know it will help you too! 




Maria Davenport

Personal Trainer/National Level Bikini Competitor, Bodies N Shape

Allen, Texas

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